Shared Shutter Podcast: Sarah Mason

December 16, 2020

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Sarah Mason is an incredible filmmaker and photographer in the UK who is here to chat all about filmmaking, shooting on film, her love of music and her most recent projects. Sarah and her partner Suzi have launched a recent filmmaking course, Life in Motion and offer private mentoring sessions as well as nurtured the #storiesoftheeveryday community. The hashtag recently reached 50k!

Listen along as the Sarah’s nerd out on all the things they love most about filmmaking. This episode has BEAN a long time coming (this oun will make more sense after you hear Sarah’s “oh snap” moment). 

Sarah has been a Soundstripe member for years.  They have a vast library of songs, bits of music and even sound fx for all your creative video or audio projects.  To receive 40% off for a year long membership click the following link:
Soundstripe Royalty Free Music Subscription

Lastly, you can find out more about Sarah’s Click Photoschool Breakout, Filmmaking For Photographers.  Also if you want a bit more Dan in your life, check out his long form interview podcast Dan’s Interview Show.

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