Shared Shutter Podcast: Vicki Knights & Eddie Judd

December 16, 2020

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This episode we are joined by Vicki Knights & Eddie Judd of Shoot Edit Chat Repeat which is an award-winning podcast for people photographers hosted by two leading UK photographers. Attracting well over 100,000 downloads in under 2 years, and with rave reviews from listeners across the world, Shoot Edit Chat Repeat has become the podcast of choice for people photographers. 

These lovely ladies will answer tough questions like what  their favorite photo they’ve ever taken and how they manage to maintain their friendship despite occupying the same field. We get some amazingly embarrassing stories for our Oh Snap and we get to experience their fantastic tips.

For more Vicki Knights check out her website.  You can find her 6 week online training program for family photographers starting in January here.
Instagram: @vickiknightsphotography & @vickiknights.branding 

For more Eddie Judd check out her store at  www.eddiesstore.co.uk  The Black Friday sale code to get 80% off the soon to be retired presets mentioned in the episode is ‘Bright’. 





Instagram for the podcast: @shoot.edit.chat.repeat

As mentioned in the episode to receive 40% off your lifetime Clickin Moms membership click this link and enter code ‘2020FRIDAY40’. This amazing deal is only offered once a year so act now. 

Lastly, you can find out more about Sarah’s Click Photoschool Breakout, Filmmaking For Photographers.  Also if you want a bit more Dan in your life, check out his long form interview podcast Dan’s Interview Show.

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